La Hoja represents a partnership of corporate and entrepreneurial thought.


Catarino felán iii

Managing Director


• 25 year veteran of financial services in US and Latin America, working for the largest asset managers in the world

• 1990s: Fidelity Investments - set up company’s first offices in Argentina, Brazil and Chile

• early 2000s: Putnam Investments - built and managed the offshore division for Putnam Investments working with US financial advisors who managed money for Latin American HNW/UHNW investors

• late 2000s: iShares/BlackRock - part of the original iShares Latin America ETF team that oversaw record growth in the late 2000s, also part of the team that helped transition iShares when it was acquired by BlackRock

• early/mid 2010s: Dimensional Fund Advisors – oversaw and advised on the creation of Dimensional’s Latin America/Off Shore division

• 2018: Founded La Hoja Venture Capital Firm


Meredith Yarbrough

Managing Director


• 10 year veteran of global entrepreneurialism successfully building companies in the U.S. and China

• 2008-2015: Shanghai, China - founded event and theater production company, managed/directed international cast and crew from 15 countries, partnered globally to produce large-scale events across China and the South Pacific

• 2015-early 2018: United States – founded health and wellness company focused on combining Chinese philosophies with Western athletics, partnered with mental health professionals to provide an expansive approach to health

• 2018: Founded La Hoja Venture Capital Firm