We foster growth in Cannabis.


La Hoja, Spanish for The Leaf, is a venture capital firm for cannabis investments. 

On the capital side, we help investors understand the opportunity and potential for investing in this dynamic new industry, as well as provide opportunities to get involved in the growth of Cannabis.

On the company side, we help a global portfolio of cannabis companies raise the intellectual and investment capital they need for expansion, acquisition and start-up.



We specialize in private placements including project financing, PIPE transactions equity placements and more.

We are here to blow Cannabis wide open. We dedicate half our portfolio to companies led by women and people of color.

From cultivation in Colombia, to extraction in California to IP development in Canada, our portfolio companies are engaged in all areas of the industry throughout the Americas.



Due Diligence and Education are the cornerstones of our technique.

Our portfolio represents a carefully-vetted list of companies engaged in all areas of the industry, solidly managed and poised for growth.

We spend all day every day pondering Cannabis. For our investors, we pass this knowledge along by actively educating on this ever-evolving industry and where each investment fit into the larger scope.

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Our team brings a wide array of experience and expertise in international finance, investments, valuations, operational logistics, business planning and more.

Our team is uniquely poised to embrace Cannabis as a global industry with careers that have spanned the Americas, Asia and the South Pacific.